Monday, 11 April 2011

Friday, 8 April 2011


This is mine and Harrys Evaluation.


Harry created the heartbeat sound effect after he finished creating the music track. We wanted to add extra effect the the scene where the girl is being followed down the alley, and so we had the idea of the sound of a heartbeat slowly speeding up as she walked through the alley. In order to do this he downloaded a simple sound effect from youtube of a heart beating that gradually speeds up, Harry converted it to an mp3 file using a basic online converter. He then used garageband to edit the sound effect, cutting it up and cutting it down so that it fitted in with the scene we wanted to run it over. When it was done he used a memory stick to put it onto the group S editing computer, and we edited it into the film, i think that it sounds very affective and fitting to the genre of the film, being horror/thriller.


Harry used GarageBand to create the song for our film opening. He wanted to create a creepy track to play as the opening credits role in, and so he used GarageBand in order to do so, firstly by choosing a dark, intense, orchestral sound to carry on throughout the track. He then cut it down, re-arranged it and tampered with it until he thought it sounded right. He then added a vinyl crackle sound at the beginning and at the end of the track, to give it a rustic, scary feel to it that sounded realistic as a track. He then added in a simple hip-hop beat which he did not add intending to involve any sort of hip-hop style to the soundtrack but instead just to add a bit of texture to the song. From that specific beat he only wanted the sound of the snare and aspects from the beat so he cut it down very small, cutting bits out of it and added sections of the beat together in order to remove the hip-hop beat from its original state, creating a new sound that is fitting with the eerie, terrifying theme of the film, fastening the pace of the track, making it more entertaining and creating an aspect of intensity. Overall his intentions were to create a track that was simple yet affective. He wanted to create a song that was not over the top or too over-stimulating as it was created to be a soundtrack for the opening credits of our film, and i think he has achieved this.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Our overall editing sessions are going very well.
Myself (Carmen) and Ella have been working hard in lessons with editing the opening sequence while Harry and Alex have been doing other additions such as the production logo, the music and credits. We have all taken it in turns with editing though so now we all know how to use Final Cut.
What we have done so far is put all the shots together including the alleyway scenes and house scenes, to which all we need to do now is add in more of the music and sound, and adjust a few shots, and also put the credits in. This will be done by the deadline to which we are 99% sure it will be done!

Class Critic

Today we had a class critic to which we had the class watch our film, and we watched our class mates films. After seeing a few opening sequences and knowing ours wasn't finished, we all started to become very nervous.
After the class watched our film, we got given some feedback back to which some were good points but others were things that we could improve and add in which we feel really helped.

Good Points

  • Fridge shot with the camera inside the fridge
  • Footsteps shot
  • Pan shot with Liza walking and camera pans to stalker
  • Overall camera work
Improve / Add In
  • Liza walking downstairs --> speed up
  • Titles / credits added in --> in between point of view shots and to be shown before the house
  • Add in music / sound --> daunting sound / music
  • Cut up house scenes